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Doing good isn’t meant to be complicated.

We believe in harnessing digital opportunities and improving communication between charities and companies. This improves community engagement activities, making them more efficient as well as achieving a bigger impact in society.

WhatCharity provides an easy way for your employees to find charities that are close to their heart, home and office. Charities on the WhatCharity platform clearly outline what kind of resources they need most – whether that’s money, goods or volunteering – so that your company will be able to make a meaningful, relevant contribution to a cause you are passionate about.

We hold the basic details of every registered charity of England and Wales and update those details on a monthly basis. We communicate with thousands of charities every week and do active research on effective charity-company collaboration.

Your company will find all local and national charities on the site, offering your employees easy, efficient access to communicate with them. Our main site is free to use for companies and individuals to search and match with charities. After all, doing good shouldn`t be complicated or expensive.





We offer a multi-use digital marketing tool for companies so that their employees, customers or partners can learn about and vote for shortlisted charities from the whatCharity.com site. Companies can also promote their other company citizenship activities with this tool and share the ‘mini-site link’ internally and externally with customers and other partners via newsletters, social media and email marketing.

 Our tool can be used for:  

  • Presenting the charities the company has supported

  • Present options for company volunteering and fundraising

  • Shortlist charities for employees and/or stakeholders to choose which charity to support with a donation

  • Shortlist charities for employees for skills-based, group and project volunteering


Please see examples of external company campaigns


Service donation

Product donation



Setting up the tool and creating a campaign related URL for your charitable activity has a basic fee of £250 - £500 depending on the size of the company.

We offer additional services where we shortlist the charities with the company preferences and make sure their needs match what the company has to offer.

As we communicate with all charities in England and Wales, we can also do nationwide or local charity searches prior to the shortlisting and help to make sure all relevant charities have an opportunity to be considered.

Please contact us to discuss further. We’re always happy to answer you questions. You can also request a bespoke quote for your charitable activity

Using the company tool for our CSR really hyped up the process of choosing the right charity for us to support and motivated our staff. Additionally, we got quite a lot of publicity for it.
— Hugo Feiler, CEO www.alpha-century.com

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